Derma Clean

This is a TWACHA special treatment that is very popular for acne, congestion, black and white heads, and as a regular maintenance of facial skin. 

Q. What does it involve?

Derma Clean is a simple, safe and hygienic procedure to remove the superficial blockages and congestion of your face. 

Q. How is it different from a salon clean up?

A DermaClean is a very hygienic way of removal of pore blockage and is combined with mild agents to seal back the cleaned up openings. It is carried out by trained therapists

Q. Who can get it done?

It is recommended for all age groups, even adolescents with acne. 

Dermaclean is a great maintenance treatment

It is carried out as a preventive treatment , to check relapse of acne

Q. Does it have downtime?


Q. Does it have side effects?


Q. What is the cost?

INR 1500 plus taxes per session

To find out if DermaClean is  a good treatment for you, click on the following link

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