Hair Thinning – Androgenetic Alopecia

Hair thinning is a frequent complaint among not just men, but even women. Although often the thinning is noticeable in the 30s, we find that it is not infrequently seen in younger individuals too.

Q. What are the causes of hair thinning?

The chief reason for hair thinning is Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA). In this condition there is a genetic predisposition to the hair follicles shrinking in size under the influence of the male hormones or androgens. This shrinkage  of hair roots then leads to reduction in thickness of individual hair and eventually absolute thinning which leads to scalp show. In men, this usually follows an M pattern, with the temples and crown area showing most effect. in women, it is usually localised in the vertex or top of head. there may or may not be a family history. Some women may complain of associated conditions such as PCOD or intake of certain types of androgenic medicines. Males may land up with this condition after consuming the wrong kind of body building supplements and protein shakes.

Q. What is the treatment?

The hair thinning can be reversed to a great extent if treatment is begun early. At later stages, the hair follicles become non viable and cannot be thickened with medicines. 

Also remember, treatment maintenance is a lifelong commitment because the gene that determines AGA is always present in the person.

Minoxidil sprays/ foams or liquids  are the best way to treat this condition. Please follow the instructions of your dermatologist to use them. Essential vitamins and minerals are also prescribed. Maintaining scalp hygiene with correct shampoos is needed too. 

Q. Are there any procedures that will help?

  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)


are treatments carried out at TWACHA for regrowing hair in a safe and effective manner. Detailed photographic records of the individual’s scalp  are kept to monitor the progress of treatment.

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