Pigmentation Treatments

Pigmentation or more specifically,”Hyperpigmentation” of the skin is seen due to an increase in the amount of melanin in the skin. Melanin is the brown pigment of your skin. This increase in pigment can be due to many causes –

  1. Melasma

  2. Photo damage or sun spots

  3. Freckles

  4. Lentigines

  5. Post acne hyperpigmentation

  6. Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation

  7. Hormonal causes

  8. Allergic reactions to hair colours/dyes

  9. Nutritional deficiencies

When we begin treatment, we must first establish the cause of hyperpigmentation. An attempt is made to eliminate and treat the cause.

At TWACHA,treatment for removal or reduction of the melanin comprises a multipronged approach –

  1. Medical Treatment – Tyrosinase inhibitors, melanin inhibitors, vitamins and sunscreens bring great improvement

  2. Chemical Peels – Glycolic, salicylic, Phytic, Kojic, TCA, Tranexamic Peels are highly effective in treating hyperpigmentation

  3. Lasers – Lasers such as Q Switched NdYag and IPL remove melanin very effectively

  4. MediFacials – Regular Medifacials bring about a smooth shine and glow to the skin

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