Our team members
Brief info

The TWACHA team is a collection of extrememly dedicated, experienced and enthusiastic individuals who share the same zeal of providing world class dermatologic treatment as TWACHA'S founders.

Dr. Meenakshi Ghosh, our senior aesthetic advisor, has an experience of over 8 years in aesthetic treatments. Dr. Meenakshi analyses skin and suggests, supervises and conducts aesthetic treatments. She creates the best suited treatment schedule for you.

Dr. Laxmi Kaushik, our aesthetic advisor with 7 years of experience in the field of aesthetics, has a special expertise in managing your holistic skin care. She supervises and conducts aesthetic treatments at TWACHA.

Our therapists, Sushma, Pooja, Neha, Mahima and Shalu are well trained in handling equipment. They are dedicated in assisting with Lasers, PRP as well as conducting Chemical Peels and Medifacials exactly as per instructions, while maintaining high standards of hygiene. They regularly take tests and interviews by our doctors to ensure that they are always updated.

Our front office staff, comprising Tejaswini, Meenu, Naman and Neelu are polite, efficient and attentive to make your visit to TWACHA smooth and pleasant.

The calling staff , Smiley and Ishika are well mannered and diligent. They ensure smooth flow of clients in clinic by managing appointments.

Our pharmacy is handled by Akhilesh and Jeetendra. They are swift and alert in medicine disposal so that no time is wasted. High quality medicines are procured directly from source to ensure genuine products.

Our janitors, Surendra and Ajay maintain spotless cleanliness in the clinic. They sanitise treatment chambers before and after therapy session. The clinic is well renowned for its exquisite cleanliness, all thanks to these dedicated workmen.

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